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Your Consciousness Holds the Key to Your Complete Well-Being

This practice is a unique form of medicine that establishes the soul as a foundation for health and relationship. By incorporating guided meditation, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and counselling to deal with issues of anxiety, depression, stress, negative self-talk and others, the soul is able to harness its untapped power to transform our life and fulfill our destiny. Subtle shifts in soul awareness creates remarkable benefits in health.

Our practice is not religious. Rather we have created a pragmatic step by step system based on the inner science of the soul and mind. Included in this approach is expanding the capacity of the heart to love and developing the wisdom of the higher mind.

Assessments are covered by Alberta Health Services and are at no fee to the patient.

Optimize your performance and health through a unique form of counselling.

If you suffer from stress, anxiety, fear, guilt, or any negative set of emotions, Dr. Owen Schwartz can help. 

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