Dr. Owen Schwartz – Physician, Healer, COUNSELOR

Owen believes that there is much more to living a long, healthy, happy life than eating healthy, exercising regularly and visiting the doctor for an annual checkup. And while those three things are key contributors to a person’s health and happiness, he also believes how a person manages stress and being in touch with one’s spirit play key roles in a person’s health and happiness.

Owen graduated from the University of Manitoba with his degree in family medicine and completed his medical training at the University of Calgary and Dalhousie University. After his residency was complete, he began researching how stress impacts our well being and found that in a lot of cases, a person’s stress levels impacted how healthy they were – the key to preventing illness is to find ways to prevent stress.  

Because of this connection, Owen began looking at how a more holistic approach to medicine could potentially lead to healthier, happier patients. His study of the science of yoga led to profound insights on approaching healing from a soul based perspective, which is similar to Deepak Chopra's work. This journey took him to the Far East to study holistic medicine, acupuncture, meditation, breathing techniques and the importance of a person’s “inner child”.

Owen has also taught family medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont., as well as, practiced his unique style of medicine at various Calgary and area medical clinics.

In his free time, Owen enjoys spending time with his wife Jean Mah, keeping his mind clear though mediatisation and breathing techniques, reading and listening to music. On the weekends, he likes to be outside the box, carving his own path through the mountains on a hike or a back-country ski adventure.