The Soul Journey

The Soul Journey is a spiritual process that evokes and deepens the affinity with our inner healer and guide, the soul. Encoded within the soul is our destiny. Yet the clarity of the soul’s direction is often shrouded by the limited beliefs and attachments of our personality.

On the Soul Journey we experience the soul as the very heart of our existence. We feel its love and guiding wisdom and clearly sense former limitations. As we surrender to this blissful power within, we release past burdens and old dysfunctional patterns. We transform suffering into joy and clear the way for an abundant present and future.

By enjoining to our soul we renew our prime relationship to the higher self and open to new dimension in relationship with others whether from the past or present.

Many have benefited from the wealth of insights and the renewed joyfulness as consequence of their Soul Journey.

The Soul Journey is not a subconscious trance, but rather a conscious awakening. There are no inherent risks, only potential benefits.

There may be an initial interview to establish the readiness of the participant.